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CAITE will identify best practices and disseminate, deploy, extend and institutionalize these best practices statewide and nationally.

For Educators

How will you mark CS Education Week?

To get ideas and to find out more, go to

Check out the resource kit for event organizers and those who are recruiting interest.

For some great ideas about how to support CSEdWeek, see this list of tactics and materials.


Student, Teacher, & Advisor Resources:

Visit, your portal for IT and CS education resources. You and your students can browse listings for all CS programs offered at public, higher-ed institutions across MA, and find internships, financial aid info, and a collection of inspiring profiles and information.




Massachusetts Celebrates
Computer Science Education Week
December 5-11, 2016

Computer Science Education (CSEd) Week, December 5-11, 2015, is a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the impact of computing and the importance of computer science education. Endorsed by Congress in recognition of Grace Hopper's birthday on December 9, 1906, CSEdWeek is a call to action to share information and offer activities that will elevate CS education for students at all levels. Thousands of students, teachers, parents, and members of industry will take part in CSEdWeek events this year, and we hope that you will, too.


Give Your Support for CSEdWeek

Getting involved in CSEdWeek is easy. Join teachers, students, parents, and industry in a pledge to support or participate in a CSEdWeek activity. Help Massachusetts gather even more local support for CSEdWeek this year by checking out tutorial guides, promotional material, and other resources here.

CAITE and the MassTLC Education Foundation have partnered up to provide CSEdWeek kits for any Massachusetts educator organizing a CSEdWeek activity. Request a MA CSEdWeek kit by replying to this form by November 18 to ensure delivery by Dec. 7. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the latest MA CSEdWeek news and events!


Organize CSEdWeek Activities

There are plenty of creative ways to celebrate CSEdWeek at your school, campus, or club.

CAITE-supported CSEdWeek activities have included a workshop on programming Super Cricket robots, a talk by the inventor of the "digital assistant" for middle and high schoolers, and a field trip to Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge. Draw inspiration from events from events taking place worldwide as listed on the CSEdWeek site.

Learn about different ways to participate and register your event here. Participating is easier than ever with fun, self-directed tutorials, as well as a CS Unpluged activity that doesn't require a computer (find other unplugged activities here). For more guidance on organizing your event, see the CSEdWeek Participation Kit and MassTLC Education Foundation's recommendations for Hour of Code lessons.